Type of ship: Self-propelled, Oil Tanker, bunkering tanker with Тflash.> 60 °С
Customer: «KD BUNKER» Ltd
Design work: Modernization of the ship. Replacement of auxiliary diesel generators.





Class notation «Р» 1,2 (Ice 10)
Length overall, m 53,93
Breadth overall, m 9,00
Depth, m 4,808
Draught, m 4,14
Displacement, t 1274,0

Our company has designed technical-working documentation for the modernization of the ship

  1. Replacement of auxiliary diesel generators. 
    2 diesel-generator SCANIA-VABIS DSI 11R-81 LR with capacity of 100 kW were replaced to diesel generators EM108DS with capacity of 108 kW and diesel generator VOLVO-PENTA MD 70 BK to a diesel generator SOLE 50 GT with capacity of 36 kW.
  2. Replacement of the bilge-ballast / spare fire pump. 
    Bilge-ballast / spare fire pump was replaced with the self-priming centrifugal monoblock electric pump JE 2-180 G10 ET20 firm's VARISCO.
  3. Additional equipment of the cargo system. 
    The existing cargo system has been equipped with an additional pipeline for receiving and issuing for the transportation of various types of cargo.
  4. Replacement of the stripping pump of cargo systems. 
    The stripping pump of cargo tanks of the BORDEMANN brand was replaced with an explosion-proof electric pump of the KRAL AG type KFT-210.