Type of ship: Tanker, collector of oily water, sewage, Tflash.> 60 °C
Customer: «KD BUNKER» Ltd
Design work: Reequip of the ship from the bilge water collector to the bunker tanker for transportation of oil products with Tflash> 60°С.





Class notation «Р» 1,2 (Ice 10)
Length overall, m 29,17
Breadth overall, m 7,58
Depth, m 3,60
Draught, m 3,162
Displacement, t 482,0

Our company has designed technical and detailed documentation:

  1. For carrying out the ship hull-construction works.
  2. For carrying out on-board installation work on the installation of new machinery and equipment.
  3. For carrying out work on the reequipped of existing pipeline systems and installation of new ones.
  4. For carrying out on-board installation work of laying cable lines and installing additional electrical equipment.
  5. Calculations of strength, stability and damage stability were carried out.