Type of ship: Fishing
Customer: FOR Group
Design work: Modernization of the ship. There were follow design works: Installation of a new fishmeal machine; installation of a satellite antenna; re-equipment of a fishmeal hold into a combined refrigerator hold; conventional ship documentation.





RS Class notation КМ(★) L1 [1] AUT2 fishing vessel
Length overall, m 120,47
Breadth overall, m 19,03
Depth, m 12,22
Draught, m 6,63
Displacement, t 9261


Our company has designed technical and detailed documentation for the modernization of the ship

  1. Installation of the new fishmeal factory.
    The room of the FMM was reequipped, a new fishmeal machine was installed.
  2. Installation of a satellite antenna.
    Additional satellite antenna INTELLIAN v100 is installed.
  3. Re-equipment of the fishmeal hold into a combined refrigerator hold.
    Documentation is developed for carrying out work on board:
  • for installation of thermal insulation;
  • for mounting of a metal lattice on the deck of a twindeck and a platform of 3800 mm from the BL;
  • for installation of a cooler enclosure and a refrigeration unit;
  • for connection of the refrigeration unit;
  • for electrical connection of the refrigeration unit.