Type of ship: Fishing
Customer: FOR Group
Design work: Modernization of the ship. There were follow design works: replacement of main engines; replacement of a boiler; installation of a new fishmeal factory; modernization of the refrigeration unit; replacement of separators; installation of a carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system, conventional ship documentation.



RS Class notation КМ(★) L1 [1] AUT2 fishing vessel
Length overall, m 120,43
Breadth overall, m 19,03
Depth, m 12,22
Draught, m 6,63
Displacement, t 9261


Our company has designed technical and detailed documentation for the modernization of the ship

  1. Replacement of the main engines. 
    Main engines 6 VDS 48/42 AL-2 with a capacity of 2650 kW replaced with the newest engines MAN 6L 32/44 CR with a capacity 3600 kW; were installed the new reduction gear and auxiliary equipment.
  2. Replacement of the boiler. 
    The auxiliary steam boiler ESH 6.3 was replaced with the steam boiler ALFA LAVAL CHB 6000.
  3. Installation of the new fishmeal factory. 
    The room of the FMM was reequipped, a new fishmeal machine was installed.
  4. Modernization of the refrigeration unit. 
    The refrigerating room was re-equipment, and got 3 additional compressor, two receiver-storage and proper equipment.
  5. Installing of the satellite antenna. 
    The satellite antenna ORBIT OrSat 7103 MKII is installed.
  6. Replacement of the separators. 
    The existing heavy fuel separators and lubricating oil separators were replaced with model ALFA LAVAL separators.
  7. Modernization of the fire extinguishing system. 
    Installed carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system for holds №1,2,3 and machine rooms.