Type of ship: Fishing
Purpose of the ship: fishing, transportation of fresh catch to the shore; transportation of fishing nets and 4 persons to the fishing place.
Design work: Technical design of a small fishing boat in accordance with the requirements of the Russian River Register for navigation area "P" 1.2.
Realization: 1st vessel was build and launched in 2019 in Kaliningrad region, Svetly ship repair yard.



Class notation  Р мс 1,2 А
Length overall, m 11,20
Breadth overall, m 3,40
Depth, m 1,50
Draught , m 0,90
Displacement, t 16,72
Power of ME, kW 58,0
Crew + fishermen, people (24 hours) 5
Crew + fishermen, people (8 hours) 7


  1. Status of the project. 
    The technical design of the ship МРБ pr.17.03.10 approved by the Russian River Register.
  2. Architectural - constructive type of ship. 
    One-decked, closed steel ship with a forecastle and fore wheelhouse.
    The ship is equipped one diesel engine with a fixed-pitch propeller.
    The hull of the ship has simple contours with two edges along the entire length of the ship.
    The hull has 4 transverse bulkheads into five watertight compartments.
  3. Crew accommodation. 
    The ship is provided a cabin in the forward part of the hull with places for crew rest, the cabin has a toilet.
  4. The fishing equipment. 
    The ship has possibility of installation on the upper deck of the fishing, cargo and auxiliary equipment (drum for nets, seine-collecting machine, a cargo crane, etc.).
  5. The main mechanisms. 
    The following main engines with gearboxes can be installed on the ship according the request of the shipowner:
  • 4th-cylinder main engine Perkins-sabre model M92B power 85 hp (64 kW) at 2400 rpm with reverse gear SAE 3-11,5;
  • 4th-cylinder main engine Yanmar model 4JH4G – TBE power 75 hp (55,2 kW) at 3100 rpm with reverse gear Kanzaki KM4A2G;
  • 4th-cylinder main engine VETUS DEUTZ model DT4.70 power 68 hp (50,0 kW) at 2800 rpm with reverse gear ТМС345;
  • 4th-cylinder main engine Sole Diesel model SM – 82 power 73,8 hp (54,3 kW) at 2500 rpm with reverse gear ТМ93А;
  • 6th-cylinder main engine Sole Diesel model SM – 105 power 85,5 hp (62,9 kW) at 2500 rpm with reverse gear ТМ93А;
  • 4th-cylinder main engine Volvo Penta model D5a TA, power 121,0 hp (89,0 kW) at 1900 rpm with reverse gear DMT50A (gear ratio 3,46).