Type of ship: Fishing
Customer: Group of companies "MARFISH"

Design work: Re-equipment of the ship for carriage of fish in refrigerated sea water (RSW); the replacement of 75% of the hull of the ship; the replacement of the main engine; the installation of a new wheelhouse and forecastle deck; the installation of  fish tanks with the RSW system; new insulation; new hydraulic system; new fishing complex, etc.


Purpose of the ship before modernization:
fishing by side trawling and transportation in freeze hold.

RS Class notation КМ(★) L4 R2 fishing vessel
Length overall, m 32,00
Breadth overall, m 7,33
Depth, m 3,50
Draught, m 3,32
Displacement, t 419,7


Our company has designed technical and detailed documentation for the modernization of the ship

  1. Hull. 
    The ship got new superstructure with new accommodation, service spaces and fish-processing room. The new wheelhouse with a circular view got new radio, navigation and fish searching equipment.
    The new three RSW tanks were equipped from freeze cargo hold.
  2. Engine room. 
    The main engine, pumps, all pipelines and cable lines replaced by new.
  3. Devices. 
    Modern fishing and cargo equipment with hydraulic drive installed on decks: net drums, trawl winches, two cranes. The trawling scheme changed to aft. The ship received two options for lifting of the catch: unloading onto the deck with the crane or by vacuum fish pump from the trawl outside.

As a result of the conversion, the ship received:

  • aft scheme of the trawling;
  • new fishing complex;
  • fish processing room;
  • new wheelhouse;
  • new RSW tanks;
  • increase in the capacity from 57.2 tons to 107.0 tons
  • increase in the power of the ME from 350 hp to 659;
  • decrease of crew size from 15 to 9 people.