Type of ship: Fishing
Purpose of the ship: The ship is designed for year-round fishing of herring, sprat, codfish and flatfish by pelagic, bottom and twin trawls under the aft trawling scheme, as well as fishing with purse seine; transportation of chilled fish to the places of reception and processing of fish on the shore.




The first vessel's keel is laid in 2019 in Kaliningrad region
RS Class notation КМ (★) Iсе1 R2 AUT3 Fishing vessel
Length overall, m 26,62
Breadth overall, m 8,60
Draught design, m 3,80
Displacement, t 447,0
Power of ME, kW 735,0
Volume of cargo tanks RSW, m3 200,0
Autonomy, day 10
Crew, people 5/9


Technical and detailed design of fishing seiner-trawler in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for the R2 navigation area.

The first keel is laid in 2019