3-D technology

  1. Development of ship surfaces with model tests.
  2. Development of three-dimensional solid models of hull structures and estimation of weight characteristics.
  3. Three-dimensional modeling of pipelines, ventilation, and cable lines in the hull of the vessel.

Design and engineering

  1. Development of all types of design documentation for the construction of ships.
  2. Development of all types of project documentation for the modernization of ships.







  1. Calculations for vessel design (loading manual; general and local strength of the hull, foundations, masts, portals, etc.)
  2. Calculations on ship theory (trim & stability, damage stability)
  3. Calculations of ship systems and equipment (pipelines, ventilation, installation, etc.)
  4. Calculations of electrical equipment (energy balance and power plant capacity, short-circuit currents, lighting)

Convention and operating documents

  1. All types of Plans, Booklets, Manuals required by international conventions SOLAS 74, MARPOL 73/78 and other regulations, including the requirements of flag authorities